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Chemical Dependency Dual Diagnosis Outpatient Program​

Divine Hope Counseling

Jeanine is the clinical director and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor of Divine Hope Counseling.  As a clinical director, she is able to offer various kinds of therapy instructions that address the complexities of addiction treatment and recovery, provide necessary supervision and administration to employees, initiate and formulate treatment planning and discharge planning which assist clients in recognizing and assisting them through emotional/behavioral/cognitive conditions and complications of addiction.  She takes necessary actions regarding the administration of policy, procedures and state licensure requirements, works as the responsible authority for all aspects of program services, provide supervision in proper management to all professionals, staff, interns and volunteers; and supervise treatment actions for clients.  Jeanine earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology and a Minor in Speech with St. Cloud State University and received her training as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor from Ridgewater College.  Jeanine has been a licensed alcohol and drug counselor for the past 15 years with the State Operated Service, once known as the Bradley Center and now as Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise (CARE).  Jeanine chose to start a new chapter in her life as clinical director with Divine Hope Counseling in March 2009.

Therapy with a heart

Sheila is the Continuing Care counselor for the Women's Group and the Men's Group. She helps her clients to gain skills in their lives to be able to continue growing in their new recovery life style of living drug and alcohol free. She encourages them, guides them, praises them and teaches them in a respectful setting and manner. Sheila was educated at Cambridge Community College and Minneapolis Community College where she received her Associates of Science and her Certificate for Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Her passion for counseling in the drug and alcohol field has to do with her brother dying from an alcohol related death in 1986 and she also has other family members who have struggled with alcoholism. Having been surrounded by this disease she wants to make a difference in other's lives, to help them to understand it and learn to live with the disease and not die from it. Sheila has been in this field for 25 years she she started as a technician. She has worked with Caucasion, Native Americans and African Americans, adults and adolescents, in different capacities including inpatient and outpatient programs, detox programs, parent education, and parent advocate in a court setting. In all of the 25 years of her work experience Sheila says, "More than anything I have learned, I like people and I love to help them succeed in life." Sheila Has compassion for people and the ability to meet them where they are, not where she wants them to be. She does not pass judgement on others and she loves people of all ethnic groups and respects each person's culture. Sheila spends her free time with her husband and pets as her children are grown and scattered across the nation.

Lori is the administrator and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor of Divine Hope Counseling.  As administrator, she strives to address the complexities of addiction treatment and recovery across the continuum of care.  Lori received her Master of Arts degree as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies which provides an available network of outstanding addiction professionals who are in the forefront of knowledge, skill and leadership in the addictions field. The experience at Hazelden provided Lori with knowledge of addiction science and research, Twelve Step methodology, counseling approaches, strategies, knowledge and skills necessary for working and growing as an addiction professional.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, and a Minor in Coaching and Reading with Moorhead State University.  Lori had twenty years of experience helping special needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness while working at Renville County Community Residences as a qualified mental retardation professional, QMRP.  Lori continues her role as personnel director with Divine Home Care since 2005.

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Sheila Iverson, AS, LADC
Lori Hanson, MA, LADC
Pam Kubesh, LICSW 
Mental Health Director

Pam Kubesh, Director (left)

Jeanine Porter, Clinical Director, 
BS, LADC (right)

Lori Hanson, Administrator, 
MA, LADC (center)

Jeanine Porter, Clinical Director, 
Tisha Ellinger, Life Coach

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Tisha is the Life Coach and Quality Assurance professional at Divine Hope Couseling. She received her BA from Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA was ordained as a minister from the Universal Life Church in Modesto, CA, is a certified Advanced Pranic Healer and her Law of Attraction Life Coach certification is in progress from Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Tisha loves to help people find a deeper level of happiness and fulfillment. Over the years, going from the Education Director at a modeling school to Speaker to Life Coach, Tisha can find something positive in any negative situation. With her positive, compassionate outlook, sense of humor, strong intuitive sense - her inner gyroscope, she is able to stay calm through the storms. And in doing so, helps others find the strength to get through the storms as well. She loves gardening, being outdoors, decorating, sewing, knitting, yoga and prevention nutrition. Tisha loves to write and is currently writing a book. Born in Hawaii and moving to Minnesota due to a tradgey in the family brought her family closer together and helped start Tisha's spiritual journey. Tisha says, "How I see my job is to help strengthen people's sense of their true selves so they are more empowered to live chemically free in the world."